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Graphicsbyte Branding Reborn

Graphicsbyte Creative Logo 2019

The Problem

Graphicsbyte has gone through several logo transitions since 2013. That was the year I graduated from college and opened my own design studio. Even though all the designs had a reptile theme and a pencil present none of them really felt connected to what the brand was truly about. I always tell clients that they need to narrow their ideas and focus on the core points of the brand. It was time I took my own advice.

Remembering the History

Before I could make any changes to the current brand it was important to remember why the reptile brand was created in the first place. I have always admired the mystique that reptiles bring to the world. They are intriguing creatures and have inspired many artistic creations. In design school, I decided to create a Gartner snake logo with a pencil for a tail. This was a short-lived design and was soon replaced after graduation.

I liked the reptile theme and decided to stick with it. The next version was a viper monogram that started out as an abstract M and a lower case b. This was to represent my legal name just in case Graphicsbyte failed. The M was a subtle detail that soon became a backward G. The name Graphicsbyte is a word mash with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in mind. During this time my primary clientele was all web-based.

Graphicsbyte logo evolution 2013 to 2017

The viper logo took on many new skins but mostly remained the same until 2017. This was the year I was starting to feel a disconnection with the brand. I was growing as a designer but my brand felt out of place. I created a couple of new directions exploring an M monogram and a new reptile creature. This creature was another Gartner snake but was symmetrical and had a pencil in its mouth. During this time, I changed the brand name from Graphicsbyte Creative Media to just Graphicsbyte because it was the term most people remembered.

Graphicsbyte logo evolution from 2017 to 2018

In 2018 I ended up using the new reptile creature as a temporally sticker business card. My clients enjoyed the updated look but I still felt like something was missing. It wasn’t until May of 2019 that I decided to address the design problems and come up with an updated solution.

Build A New Strategy

Normally when I meet with a client I usually ask the following questions to help gather info before starting the sketching process.

  1. What kind of business do you have?
  2. What are your services?
  3. What does your company specialize in?
  4. What makes your company unique?
  5. Why should someone hire you?
  6. Who is your target audience?
  7. Do you have examples of brands you like?
    If yes, Why do they stand out to you?

After answering these questions, I created a mind map listing all the things I felt Graphicsbyte was and needed to be. Here are four words that represent Graphicsbyte the best.

Passion – This is part of the creative process that brings enthusiasm, optimism, and joy within the brand. After several hours of trial and error something unique will stand out from the rest and that “wow” factor is reborn. 

Leadership – I have always thought of myself as a caption setting sail into the unknown. Owning a one-man creative studio means I have many shoes to fill. I am always on the hunt for clients, new marketing strategies and advertising techniques. I also have to keep my designs fresh and consistent.

Boldness – Taking risks is the name of the game. I have never been afraid to experiment with new techniques or explore controversial issues within the industry. Sure this process can be seen as unusual but it helps generate loyal fans that encourage more creativity.

Innovation – The world is full of great design but there is always room for creative improvement.

Now that I have a clear idea of what Graphicsbyte is I can start the rebranding process.


One thing Graphicsbyte never did in the past was tell a story. This version of the brand starts out with a single raindrop that represents an idea. Inside this idea is a chameleon that can blend into any environment. But this isn’t just an ordinary lizard he’s an artist. He can use his tongue and magic pencil to draw his own habitat.

I wanted a logo that was interesting and fun. Sure it’s not as simple as Nike but at least this version sums up my life as a designer. Finding a proper typeface was the next challenge. I started with rounded fonts because I thought it would match the theme. But nothing seemed to give the clean look I was going for. I then turned to serif display typefaces and still had no luck. DIN Engschrift is a condensed German typeface with rounded corners. It was originally created to be a legible option for the 19th-century railroads. I have always enjoyed the look of this font and thought it was a great fit for my brand. After applying the typeface something else was missing. I realized the title needed balance so I brought back the word creative and placed it in lowercase letters. Normally I would never do this because I like everything to be at the same cap-height. But what’s the point of a re-brand without a little risk?

What’s Next?

The logo was recently printed on new business cards and there was even room for a fun illustration on the back. I am still in the process of updating all my signage and soon will have an updated website. My shop will also have a fresh new collection of illustrative work for sale. Stay tuned for more updates and until then be on the lookout for the next chapter of Graphicsbyte!

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