Updating Adobe CS6 In 2019

Unable to download Adobe CS6 Retina Patches

It’s 2019 and I am still using Adobe CS6. I like CC but currently, the monthly fee isn’t practical with my income. So I am stretching the software to the max. This week I experienced a big software scare. My version of Photoshop CC conflicted with Photoshop CS6. Long story short I wasn’t able to open Photoshop CS6 anymore. Here is a link to a thread that talks about the issue. After doing some research I learned that this is a common issue and I needed to remove Photoshop CC and re-install CS6.

After the re-install, all my CS6 programs were working fine except they looked blurry. In 2016 Adobe released a patch for retina screens. I remember downloading this patch and it was the last official update for CS6. I spent hours reading multiple Adobe threads and found these two patch installer links.

Illustrator 16.0.3: (Broken URL – Contact Adobe for Patch)

Photoshop 13.0.6: (Broken URL – Contact Adobe for Patch)

After trying to use these links Illustrator had the following error: The requested URL /pub/adobe/illustrator/mac/cs6/AdobeIllustrator16.0.3.dmg was not found on this server.
Then Photoshop says my version of the Application Manager is corrupt. After doing some digging I learned the Application Manager is deprecated. It was turned into the Creative Cloud desktop app and this only supports CC products.

My next step was to contact Adobe support directly. After doing this I was stuck in a chat window for hours and was disconnected a few times. I never received any help so I decided to post on the Adobe community help thread. Here is a link to that. After a few hours I received some helpful articles but I already read all of them by doing my own research prior to posting.

At this point, I was feeling stuck so I decided to take a break. I went out to dinner and ran some errands. When I got home I decided to test my luck with Time Machine to see if I could restore the programs individually. Sure enough, this FIXED the problem! I had no idea I could do this with programs… (facepalm) I now have Photoshop 13.0.6 and Illustrator 16.0.3 and they both have retina support. Thank you Time Machine!

After reverting to the working version you will need to enter in your CD key to your programs. Illustrator had a popup that solved this. After about an hour of having Photoshop, I received the same error that caused this entire mess in the first place. “Renew CC subscription.” To get around this I logged out of my Adobe account and that triggered the serial number popup window for Photoshop. Currently, everything is working fine.

For others experiencing this problem try using your Time Machine before freaking out. If you know you don’t have a backup then try contacting the Adobe support team. Just expect to wait a long time before they get to your problem. I couldn’t find any third party sites with the correct links. So it’s going to be an uphill battle with Technical Support.

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