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Passion, Planning & Creativity

Graphicsbyte is a creative marketing and web design agency located outside Portland Oregon. It’s owned and operated by designer Mark Boehly. This is a place where you will get inspired to grow your brand. We listen to our clients and develop timeless stories that your proud of. When it comes to design it’s all about the little details.

Our mission is to bring the best quality work to the right type of business and organization. If you’re a small business owner, huge corporation, nonprofit or just an average earth dweller looking for cool art, let’s talk!

Mark Boehly owner and designer of Graphicsbyte

The insect prints and stickers in the image above are part of a limited run. We still have some available in our shop.


Take a look at real life case studies featuring Graphic Design, Web Design & Custom Illustration.


We have many prints and creative ideas available in our shop. Don’t forget to check it out!


Do you have design questions? Do you enjoy our work? Let us know and drop in and say hi.

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