Siempre La Guitarra Reflection

Create art that makes people think about why it was created

Last weekend was a lot of fun. I ran the merchandise table for Siempre La Guitarra and was able to sell some personal illustrative work on the side. I met a lot of new faces and most importantly enjoyed the experience. A lot of the work I had on display beside the concert merch was my insect sticker packs, a bin of various prints and some framed work featuring the #Biomechanical style.

Now that the weekends over I am spending this Memorial Day reflecting on what I learned about myself throughout the year. Most of you know I have been living a busy life these last few years. I opened an art gallery in Oregon City then moved it to West Linn. I have also been working as a part-time website designer in Sherwood. When I am not doing that I am working as a part-time graphic designer for Graphicsbyte.

I have really stepped up this year and so has my illustrative work. I am spending more time tracing my lines on the computer vs scanning them in and just going for it. I am drawn to monolines and symmetrical patterns. Lately, I have been experimenting with a lot of rounded corners and hits of realism.

While I was listening to the artists perform last weekend they would take a moment to tell the audience about each song. These weren’t just songs they memorized to play, they were personal journey’s that paint a story in your mind. Most of these stories are from ancient battles or are fictional stories created by the musician. If you listen close enough you can really see the artists vision just like how your mind shows you pictures when you read a book.

Alfredo Muro at Siempre La Guitarra 2019

This is the style of art I want to make moving forward. I want people to look at my work and experience a story vs just seeing a creature of some kind. These last couple of months I have been doing just that. Graphicbyte is being rebranded and I will soon have a new body of illustrative work on display followed by an updated website. The idea is to create a design that makes people think about why it was created. Some of this work will also play with controversial subjects. I want to slowly reveal a lot of the new work before my next birthday Oct. 17th. My plan is to launch the new style then work on my first focused illustrative art show.

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