Lotus Logo

Original price was: $1,200.00.Current price is: $800.00.


What’s Included?

Company name: We will add custom typography to the design to help give your brand personality. We just need your business name.

Matching Business Card Design: We will create a card design that pushes the brand even further. We will need your contact info for the card. Business Name, Owner Name, Role, Services, Phone Number, Address, Email, and Location.

Request Changes: We will give you two free revisions if you need us to change anything. This works with colors and typography. If you want us to stylize the logo further to fit your brand we can do this but there may be an extra fee.
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The design files will be emailed in pdf and png format.

This logo was designed with massage therapy in mind but can represent a healing product as well. The icon features a pair of hands in front of a lotus flower.