Founded In The Pacific Northwest

Volume is an eyelash extension supply company with a focus on education for licensed professionals looking to add eyelash extensions to their menu of services.

Volume Eyelash Extensions Logo Graphicsbyte

Logo Design

Melanie is the owner of Volume Eyelash Extensions. She approached us with a clear vision of her future company. The brand needed to stand out from her competitors have a sense of fashion while remaining functional and classy. She wanted to use a black and white color palette in her brand with highlights of gold and rose gold.

In the early branding stages, the logo took on many different forms such as custom typography and clever uses of eyeball placement within the design. It was a hard decision but the client ended up choosing a modular uppercase V line logo. Currently, the eyelash products have an embossed logo printed with gold foil. Rose gold was later incorporated into the website.

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