3D Logo Design & Web Development

Versoft Consulting creates portfilio management and CRM software. They wanted a stunning 3D logo and website to help sell their brand.


3D Branding

Versoft Consulting is a high tech Customer Relationship Management firm. (CRM) They use Advent Software to update, streamline and optimize user workflows to increase efficiency in a business. They were inspired by the Advent Software logo and originally wanted something that had a wireframe look. We used CAD software and sculpted a twisting V monogram from a cylinder. This design can now be 3D printed and used as a prop for trade shows.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design is a must-have for an optimal viewing experience. This means the site shrinks to fit cell phones, tablets, and desktop computer displays. This setup allows the user to read the text and navigate the site without constantly having to zoom in.

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