Truax Designs

If you’re looking for a great conversation starter Truax Designs builds one of a kind art that fits every occasion.



Truax Designs creates 3D sculpture from vintage Thunderbird car parts and various scrap metals. One of their most famous sculptures is a robotic angel named Lily. She is fully articulated and is used for stop-motion animation. We designed an enclosure logo that showcases the robots most iconic features. Red became the brands primary color because it matches Lily’s brother who is also fully articulated.

A condensed san serif typeface was created to fit in the enclosures negative space. Today that type has become the brand’s main focal point. The graphic wings are also used in print media such as business cards and flyers.

Responsive Website Design

Responsive web design is a must-have for an optimal viewing experience. This means the site shrinks to fit cell phones, tablets, and desktop computer displays. This setup allows the user to read the text and navigate the site without constantly having to zoom in.

Truax Designs Responsive Website by Graphicsbyte


After several years of tradeshows and owning an art gallery it was time for Truax Designs to focus on the e-commerce side of their business. The old site was mostly a portfolio and it was difficult to navigate. We decided to overhaul the website from the ground up, focusing primarily on how users purchase sculpture on the web.

The new site has three primary locations where users can easily find products. The first section is found on the homepage. Here users have the option to browse the seasonal section and see new items fresh out of the shop. The second and third sections are found as dropdown fields in the main menu under the Shop tab. The site uses WooCommerce as it’s primary store. Etsy was also incorporated into the website since its one of the most popular ways Truax Designs sells their products.

Truax Designs Ecommerce Website Mobile Responsive Website Desgin by Graphicsbyte
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