Energy & Healing

Mother Nature is a traveling massage therapy company from the pacific northwest.

Mother Nature Massage Therapy Logo by Graphicsbyte aka Mark Boehly

Nature Branding

Mother Nature specializes in Swedish, Prenatal, Fertility and Infant massage. In our first meeting, the client was very interested in a lotus logo or a woman turning into a tree. After a couple weeks of exploring these ideas, it was time to have a second meeting revealing what we came up with.

We presented the client with five different directions. The first two designs explored the lotus idea. The third design was a woman turning into a tree and the final two designs were built around a custom rounded edge font and pattern. This font was designed to represent tree branches and growth.

The client loved the last two designs and wanted elements of them blended together. The final design uses the typeface ITC Benguiat Gothic Std. We also added our custom leaf pattern to the back of the business cards. The brand is built from a limited color palette using two shades and three tints.

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