The Roman goddess of the moon is called Luna

Luna is a food and smoothie booth located at the Portland Saturday Market.

Luna Food & Smoothies Logo by Graphicsbyte aka Mark Boehly

Astrological Branding

Luna is a food and smoothie booth at the Portland Saturday Market. The products on the menu are gluten-free and vegan. When we met the client they were looking for a menu design that resembled a chalkboard. They also wanted hand-drawn stars and moon icons as border decorations. 

Even though the client wasn’t in the market for a logo we decided to pitch one anyway. They quickly fell in love with our monoline design using custom hand-drawn typography. This pushed the brand to new heights and gave their customers something to remember.

We illustrated a custom border using unique astronomy icons on the edges of each sign and menu. We also designed custom business cards so people can re-visit the location next time there in Portland, Oregon.  

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