Does your business need a new website?

We created a WordPress demo website with a matching logo. The full brand is available to purchase.

Swanban Financial Logo Graphicsbyte Creative Media

Designing a symbolic brand

People are getting shorter attention spans each year as technology continues to take over. Most people spend about three seconds scanning a webpage to form their first impressions about the company. The next thing they look for is the company logo. Having a recognizable logo is a great way for customers to remember who you are.

A lot of company logos are designed around last names, initials, and random shapes. We decided to brand the swan logo around symbolism. Swans represent loyalty and strength. These are good qualities to have since Swanban is a financial company that helps customers save money for retirement. Customers need to feel welcome and when talking about sensitive subjects like being in debt or saving large sums of money.

If you’re interested in our swan logo we will change the company name to match your business and matching business cards comes with the purchase of the brand.

Website Design & Photography

It’s always good to have a couple demo websites built to use as a reference when meeting new clients. Swanban Financial is a six-page WordPress site fully equipped with e-commerce and a blog. The site is responsive meaning the display will shrink to fit all mobile devices. After plugging in your company info SEO will then be added to all the pages.

Every website we build requires high-quality images. The images break up the text and help tell the story of the brand. We strongly encourage our clients to use their own photography vs stock because studies have shown that stock photography is often ignored. It makes visitors browse the site but not experience it. This demo uses some stock photos but most of the imagery was taken in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

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