Everdrone is a business that takes stunning footage from the sky. They inspect equipment for wear and tear.

Everdrone Logo Graphicsbyte Creative Media

Logo Design

Branding With “Military” In Mind

Everdrone is a cutting-edge aerial company that uses drones to inspect heavy machinery. When the company first approached us they wanted their brand to look timeless and “military.” But overall they were very open-minded. We used the DJI website to find high-quality images of the Zenmuse X series cameras. These are the same cameras onboard the client’s aircraft.

We designed a hexagon line logo that is loosely based on the Zenmuse X45 camera. It was important to give this logo some personality so the we made the focal point of the lense resemble an eye that looks directly at the camera. The diagonal wings were then added to be a reference towards the Airforce brand.


After building the brands visual identity we pushed the hierarchy father with a series of custom icons. Each icon represents a service that Everdrone specializes in. The icons are used on the company website, business cards and promotional materials.

Everdrone Logo
Power Station icon for Everdrone
Wind Turbine Icon for Everdrone
Solar Panel Icon for Everdrone
Reforestation icon for Everdrone
Forest Fire Icon for Everdrone
Conservation icon for Everdrone
Progress Icon for Everdrone
Complaiance icon for everdrone
Site Survey Icon for Everdrone
Agriculture Icon for Everdrone
Telecom Icon for Everdrone
Ski Lift Icon for Everdrone
UAV Drones icon for Everdrone

Website Design

4K image capture and video are key components of drone inspections. The website showcases these areas in great detail. We worked with Velare Media and helped capture some of the videos and images for the site.

Print Media

To help spread the word Everdrone participates in trade shows and drone conferences around the country. They wanted promotional materials that could be given away. Stickers were the first thing we created and these are currently being used on the company UAV’s, hard hats and other equipment. We also created several t-shirt designs, and 3D printed keychains.

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