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Logo Lounge
Volume 10

Logo Lounge
Volume 10

Exploring Trends Reports

When I was in design school branding became an interest. I took a class about logo design and professors brought in many books to help them teach the subject. This was the first time I heard about Logo Lounge. In this series designers from all over the world enter a logo competition and often follow yearly trends. The designer’s work that is chosen gets published when the next book is released.

Another way to get recognized is through yearly trend reports. Award winning designer Bill Gardner analyzes what designers are doing and then writes detailed reports covering the popular trends being used each year. In 2016 one of my logos was chosen to be in that report. (See example to the right, Click Here for Report) The hexagon was chosen because dashes and line logos were very popular that year. This design was created to be a secondary watermark stamp for an old Velare Media client.

Reflections Watermark Logo designed by Mark Boehly - Graphicsbyte Creative

Hexagon secondary logo for Reflections by FW. Designed by Graphicsbyte.

Now that 2017 is halfway done, Volume 10 is on the horizon. This means designers from all over start to upload their work to the Logo Lounge website, hoping to get selected for the next book in the series. Last month one of my designs was chosen. The design was originally created for a father-son construction company. The logo represents abstract homes from the North West being remodeled. The logo was abandoned last minute because one of the business owners thought it was too edgy and wanted to play it a little safer. They ended up going with plan B which was an abstract dc monogram.

I decided the world needed to see the original logo. I changed the primary name on the logo to my last name and submitted it to Logo Lounge. The brand may not be real but it represents a cutting-edge thought process that’s on its way to becoming the next latest trend.

Boehly Construction Inc Logo Graphicsbyte Logo Lounge
Logo Lounge Congratulation Volume 10 Graphicsbyte
Logo Lounge Book 10 Badge of Honor