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Drawn Vol. 1 by Crooks Press

Steps To Getting Found

Last year, I spent a lot of time exploring new illustrative ideas for clothing and accessories. I posted daily on Instagram and built up a new fan base outside the usual logo and web work. It wasn’t long before creative companies started to find Graphicsbyte through the power of hashtags. The image to the right became popular overnight. It’s a mashup of three different drawings exploring minimal colors with a screen print look. I had many requests to put this design on clothing and accessories. You can buy the design online in these locations:

Kraken Print Graphicsbyte Mark Boehly

After several weeks went by, the Sun Kraken design was scouted on Instagram by Crooks Press. They help emerging and established creatives grow by publishing their work. The print company was interested in my work and wanted more designs submitted into their upcoming book, Drawn Vol 1.

In December of 2016, everything was official. This was the first time my illustrative work has been published. I was allowed a two-page spread with three pieces of recent work, biography, social media and website links. In May of 2017, the book arrived and is on display at the Truax Gallery in Oregon City.

Drawn Vol 1 Crooks Press Graphicsbyte Mark Boehly

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Drawn Vol 1 Crooks Press Graphicsbyte Mark Boehly

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