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About the Creality CR-10

Outside of Graphicsbyte, I have a side business called Truax Designs. My business partner and I build custom sculptures and infuse them with aluminum. We call this process Karbon Kast. We have done many trade shows together pushing this new medium. People love it but as we continue to grow so does the demand to create more detailed items.

During late 2017 we picked up the Creality-CR10 3D printer. This machine has opened new doors. We can now print skeletons to help with custom sculpts and other various items. Having this technology has cut our workflows in half. However, like other equipment, there is a lot of maintenance to keep this workhorse going.  

Below are quick links to follow when times get rough.

This is a 3D print of Deckard’s gun from Blade Runner using the Creality CR-10.

Thingiverse: This site is full of free designs to use with all your projects. Just make an account and go!

Bed Leveling: After a while, it might be difficult to level the bed. This kit will help with that.

Filament Adapter: Using some kind spool adapter is a must when printing with the out of the box setup.

Essential Mod Set: These are all the things that make the factory print expierence better.

Creality Offical User Group: This is a Facebook community full of moders that help answer all Creality questions.

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