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When was the last time you sat down and actually looked at the fonts on your computer? Most people would be in the never category. But if you’re a designer this is something you may do a few times a month.

Why are fonts important?

Typography has been around for over a hundred years. Not all fonts are created equal. There are many different weights and styles to choose from. If we take a formal font like Helvetica and use it for a publication people will usually take the content seriously. But if we had a font like Cosmic Sans then the playful nature will become less serious and people may question the credibility of the content.

Understanding the difference between a Serif and a Sans Serif is also important for every project. Serif fonts have a small indentation or line at the end of each letter, number and special character. In Italian Renaissance architecture serifs were created by the tools when carving letters into stone. People thought these characteristics helped guide the eye across the document and made the type appear aligned.

The very first Sans Serif typeface was called Caslon and it was designed in 1816. Sans serif typefaces are commonly used in advertising because of how legible they are. In the early days most of these font family’s didn’t have a lowercase option. They can be seen from a distance but do well at any size.

In the digital age it’s important to understand the history of typography. This will allow more experimentation when pairing the two styles. Many studies have concluded that serif fonts don’t improve cognitive identification of a letter. They also don’t help guide the eyes of the reader. Then Sans-Serif font’s don’t cause eye fatigue and they don’t have an advantage on a computer screen. This leaves the choice down to the designer. How will you pair the fonts or use them in your projects?

How can a font help your business?

There are several ways fonts can help your business. If used correctly, they can grab your target market’s attention. Like my example above Helvetica vs Cosmic Sans. Fonts can evoke moods and emotions. When used incorrectly fonts can be difficult to read. Some have poor spacing and others have too much clutter. This usually causes people to ignore your project entirely.

Using different font weights will help with hierarchy. For example, look at the different weight of the subtitles and the body copy on this blog post. Fonts also create recall. When we design logos we use typography that customers will remember. This will make the brand stand out from the competition.

The key to a good font choice in a project is consistency. When you find a good font family stick with it and use it throughout all your marketing campaigns. This will create a professional and harmonious look. The brand will become unified and easily remembered. If you need help finding a good font for your project reach out to Graphicsbyte! Our designers will assist you on your project.

Let the Typography search begin!

Lost Type – Dozens of free display typefaces to choose from.

House Industries – Stylish paid fonts to test before you buy!

Wood Type Museum – Get examples of ancient typefaces.

Font Squirrel – Identify a typeface or find free options.

The League of Moveable Type – Download open-source options.

Brand New – Explore corporate brand identity work.

Logo Design Love – Explore logo ideas.

The Strange Attractor – This made the list to show brands on interesting devices.

Nate Williams – Hand-drawn type and other inspirations.

Creative Market – Custom typefaces and many other design materials.

Design Shack – Many articles about typography.

Google Fonts – This is an open-source option. Most are great for the web. But can also be used in print.

Behance – Link is set to “free fonts.” These fonts are made by popular designers.

Awwwards – Link set to free fonts. This place is where to find new trendy things. 

Updating Adobe CS6 In 2019

Adobe Suite CS6

Updating Adobe CS6 In 2019

Unable to download Adobe CS6 Retina Patches

It’s 2019 and I am still using Adobe CS6. I like CC but currently, the monthly fee isn’t practical with my income. So I am stretching the software to the max. This week I experienced a big software scare. My version of Photoshop CC conflicted with Photoshop CS6. Long story short I wasn’t able to open Photoshop CS6 anymore. Here is a link to a thread that talks about the issue. After doing some research I learned that this is a common issue and I needed to remove Photoshop CC and re-install CS6.

After the re-install, all my CS6 programs were working fine except they looked blurry. In 2016 Adobe released a patch for retina screens. I remember downloading this patch and it was the last official update for CS6. I spent hours reading multiple Adobe threads and found these two patch installer links.

Illustrator 16.0.3: (Broken URL – Contact Adobe for Patch)

Photoshop 13.0.6: (Broken URL – Contact Adobe for Patch)

After trying to use these links Illustrator had the following error: The requested URL /pub/adobe/illustrator/mac/cs6/AdobeIllustrator16.0.3.dmg was not found on this server.
Then Photoshop says my version of the Application Manager is corrupt. After doing some digging I learned the Application Manager is deprecated. It was turned into the Creative Cloud desktop app and this only supports CC products.

My next step was to contact Adobe support directly. After doing this I was stuck in a chat window for hours and was disconnected a few times. I never received any help so I decided to post on the Adobe community help thread. Here is a link to that. After a few hours I received some helpful articles but I already read all of them by doing my own research prior to posting.

At this point, I was feeling stuck so I decided to take a break. I went out to dinner and ran some errands. When I got home I decided to test my luck with Time Machine to see if I could restore the programs individually. Sure enough, this FIXED the problem! I had no idea I could do this with programs… (facepalm) I now have Photoshop 13.0.6 and Illustrator 16.0.3 and they both have retina support. Thank you Time Machine!

After reverting to the working version you will need to enter in your CD key to your programs. Illustrator had a popup that solved this. After about an hour of having Photoshop, I received the same error that caused this entire mess in the first place. “Renew CC subscription.” To get around this I logged out of my Adobe account and that triggered the serial number popup window for Photoshop. Currently, everything is working fine.

For others experiencing this problem try using your Time Machine before freaking out. If you know you don’t have a backup then try contacting the Adobe support team. Just expect to wait a long time before they get to your problem. I couldn’t find any third party sites with the correct links. So it’s going to be an uphill battle with Technical Support.

Creality CR-10 Hacks

Creality CR-10 3D Printer

Creality CR-10 Hacks

About the Creality CR-10

Outside of Graphicsbyte, I have a side business called Truax Designs. My business partner and I build custom sculptures and infuse them with aluminum. We call this process Karbon Kast. We have done many trade shows together pushing this new medium. People love it but as we continue to grow so does the demand to create more detailed items.

During late 2017 we picked up the Creality-CR10 3D printer. This machine has opened new doors. We can now print skeletons to help with custom sculpts and other various items. Having this technology has cut our workflows in half. However, like other equipment, there is a lot of maintenance to keep this workhorse going.  

During difficult times follow these links.

Print Websites

Thingiverse: This site is full of free designs to use with all your projects. Just make an account and go!

Printer Mods

Thingiverse: This site is full of free designs to use with all your projects. Just make an account and go!

Bed Leveling: After a while, it might be difficult to level the bed. This kit will help with that.

Filament Adapter: Using some kind spool adapter is a must when printing with the out of the box setup.

Essential Mod Set: These are all the things that make the factory print expierence better.

Creality Offical User Group: This is a Facebook community full of moders that help answer all Creality questions.

Photoshop Links

Merging Objects:  This tutorial explains how to merge two 3d layers together. 

Scaling & Rotating:  Learn how to scale and rotate 3D objects. 

Graphic Design Tutorials

Digital Design Guides

Graphic Design Tutorials

All the links below point to designer tutorials I have found or used throughout the years. Feel free to try some of these techniques out on your next graphic design project.

Death Star Guts Graphicsbyte

Epson Stylus Photo 1400 Inkjet Printer

Epson 1400 CISS Setup - Graphicsbyte Creative

Epson 1400 Mods & Troubleshooting

Epson Stylus Photo 1400 Inkjet Printer Mods

Epson 1400 Mods & Troubleshooting

If your following my Instagram feed, you may have seen me post pictures of my printer setups here and there. I have been wanting to write about my struggles with the Epson Stylus Photo 1400 Inkjet Printer for a couple years now. Just so I can have a quick go-to guide when things get rough. So that’s what this post is about.

When I was studying Graphic Design in college we went through a ton of prints. The school didn’t cover the costs of paper and ink. This was something the students paid for. When your a design student your printing on a regular basis and the cost really adds up.

CIS/CISS Ink System Research

In 2011 the Epson 1400 was a popular choice for design students due to its affordable price and the ability to print 13 x 19 inches. The print quality is also really good. After some research, I decided to buy the Epson 1400 with part of my rent money. Soon as I took it out of the box I started to take it apart.

Epson 1400 CISS Setup - Graphicsbyte CreativeEpson 1400 CISS Setup - Graphicsbyte Creative
Epson 1400 CISS Setup - Graphicsbyte CreativeEpson 1400 CISS Setup - Graphicsbyte Creative
Epson 1400 CISS Setup - Graphicsbyte CreativeEpson 1400 CISS Setup - Graphicsbyte Creative

I already knew I couldn’t afford the ink cartridges. After a lot of research, I found a company called Super Premium Electronics which used to be “Super Smart Electronics.” These guys used to provide a Continuous ink system (CIS or CISS) for the Epson 1400. (You can get these on eBay or Amazon now) This system allows you to have large ink tanks on the side of the printer and tubes filled with ink run into the top of the machine. The printer sucks the ink into the cartridges when needed. This allows the user to print for months without worrying about refilling printer cartridges. The downside to this tactic is it voids the warranty with Epson. So if the machine breaks you’re on your own.

Waste Ink Tank

Over time the printer will get errors and one of the big ones is when the eject paper and ink refill light turn red and flash repeatedly. This means there is an error of some sort. But when you’re using a CIS setup it probably means your waste ink pads are full. You will also get an error about this on your monitor. On the bottom of every Epson machine, they use cotton pads. The software comes with the printer that tells the user to run through a series of tests to help with clogging. The printer cleans itself with its own ink. But that waste ink doesn’t disappear it soaks up in the cotton pads until the machine breaks. This is another way for Epson to make money because the user will send in the machine if it’s still under warranty. The repair costs around $200+ to replace these pads. To get around this I found a company called Octoinkjet. They have tutorials on how to open the side of the printer and redirect the waste ink tube so it hits an external tank.

WICReset Key

After redirecting the tubes, the printer won’t just “magically” work. Epson may or may not still provide a WICReset Key. When the printer is plugged in download the key and go through its brief software install. The key tells the machine everything is working correctly. If you can’t get the key through the Epson website there are many companies out there selling the keys for $10. Keep in mind a lot of the keys are free if you’re using a Windows computer.

Here is a situation where a key will be needed.


Unclog Epson 1400 Printheads

After installing the mods mentioned above your ready to go. However, if you ever let the printer sit longer than a week without use, your increasing the chance for a clog. Epson wants you to waste your ink so that’s why they gave you print head test software that does just that. Sometimes the clogs are so bad you need extra help. This is where Inkjetcarts comes in handy. They sell a cleaning solution that has its own cartridges. You just remove your CIS cartridges and replace them with the clear cleaning ones. Now you can find a detailed image and press print. The solution runs through the printer and works on the clogged areas just like Drano. The company provides a tutorial on how to do this and even talks about situations where you have to manually use a syringe plunger to extract ink out of the clogged print heads with the cleaning solution.

Test Print Patterns

Inkjetcarts also has a nice print package you can download. This package includes multiple color patterns so you can test your printer for color matching. This is critical if you ever needed to use the cleaning solution. These test prints will help the user get their machine back in top-notch working order.


Paper Jam Issues

After several years of heavy use, I recently encountered a paper loading problem. The printer was able to print letter size documents ok but anything larger would wrinkle up and get jammed. I found out this is usually caused by dust and small paper fibers sticking to the printer feed rollers. On the back of the Epson 1400 where you load your paper, there is a rubber roller that grabs the paper. To clean this, use a damp microfiber dusting cloth and apply a little bit of water. Be sure to turn the roller all the way around so you clean each side. After this, the printer should be able to grab all paper stocks once again.


Troubleshooting the Ink light

Sometimes after cleaning a nasty clog, the change ink light will stay on. If this happens follow these steps:

1. Power off the printer and turn it back on.
2. Unplug printer after its startup cycles a couple of times.
3. Take out cartridges and clean off cartage chips with a towel.

If you make it to step three this is because one of the cartage chips is blocked. Be sure to clean those off before placing the CIS cartridges back into the machine.


Printer Help Quick Links

Here are some quick links to find solutions for all your printer needs:

Epson 1400 Waste Ink - Graphicsbyte Creative

This is what the External Waste Ink tank looks like.

Epson 1400 Feed Roller - Graphicsbyte Creative

This is a close up of the rubber paper feed roller inside the Epson 1400.

Epson 1400 cleaning solution - Graphicsbyte Creative

This is the Cleaning Solution used in the Epson 1400 printer.