If you’re looking for a great conversation starter Truax Designs builds one of a kind art that fits every occasion. We not only designed their website and logo but became long term design partners.


The Challenge

Creating A Startup Business

Truax Designs creates 3D sculpture from vintage Thunderbird car parts and various scrap metals. Their mascot is named Lily. She is fully articulated and is used for stop motion animation. We designed an enclosure logo that showcases the two most iconic parts of the robot, the wings, and the headlight face. We went with red because there are two robots in the series and one of them has red paint. We then used a condensed san serif typeface that plays with the character’s negative space.

After the logo was completed we developed a website that showcases all the different mediums the company is capable of creating. We also created business cards, stickers, sign and custom artwork.

Responsive Web Design

Optimal Viewing Expierence

Responsive web design is a must have for an optimal viewing experience. This means the site shrinks to fit cell phones, tablets, and desktop computer displays. This setup allows the user to read text and navigate the site without constantly having to zoom in.

Present & Future

Long Term Friends & Business Partners

It wasn’t long before Mark and Chris (CEO of Truax Designs) realized this project was more than a starting point for a brand. They became great friends and business partners. Since 2014 they have entered dozens of trade shows and have mastered a new medium called Karbon Kast. This technique is their recipe for liquid carbonite. Just like the metal Han Solo was frozen in.

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